To be a good lawyer, you must always study. New laws are coming up and that way you can stay up to date with the industry changes. Many people today want to become a lawyer due to the huge job opportunity and also the high salary. Recognition in society is also a major factor for becoming a lawyer.

The legal world is a sensitive place. You need to handle cases and clients with respect. Any wrong step can hurt your reputation as a judge or lawyer. Overcoming this negative image can be difficult and will take a lot of time.

So, it is recommended that you are well prepared before handling your first case. You will find many blogs online about law and the judiciary system. These blogs will help you to gain extra knowledge about this field.

A Typo inthe Constitution

This blog is written by a PhD Law student. The author has great knowledge about the working of the law. In this blog, he expresses his point of view and helps readers to understand their viewpoint as well. You will know about some recent cases and changes in law from this blog.

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

This blog is written by a Criminal Caseworker. Here the author puts down her thoughts on the Criminal Justice System. This blog is the self-expression of various areas of criminal law. It is a very educational blog for law students.

Law Actually

If you want to know about the life of a practicing lawyer, then you must read this blog. The author is a practicing lawyer and here he mentions his cases and the things he learns from his work. Here you will learn about many controversial cases on subjects like the gender wage gap.

Regulation for Globalization

In this blog, you will find discussions about the significant changes that are taking place in trade law, labor law, and others. Legal experts from diverse backgrounds write for this blog. So, you will get quality and trustworthy content here.

Legal Hackette

This blog is written by a barrister who later became a freelance journalist. He now writes on legal matters. Here you will find book reviews, legal news, and more. The author publishes interviews of prominent lawyers here.


This blog focuses on legal technology. You will know about the new legal tech products and websites here. Here you will find podcasts related to the innovations in this field. The author of this blog is a columnist of a renowned legal journal.

These blogs will help you to gain a lot of knowledge about the various aspects of the law. The blogs will help you to be a better lawyer.