How To Practice Law After LLB

Being a lawyer is prestigious in any society. Once you get the LLB degree, you will have lots of job opportunities with a high salary. But just the LLB degree won’t take you anywhere. You need to practice law in different ways after your LLB to become a good lawyer.


You can become a civil litigation lawyer or a criminal litigation lawyer. If you choose to become a civil litigation lawyer, then you will need to work with civil laws which include taxation laws.

As a criminal lawyer, you need to deal with criminal cases. If you choose either of these two paths, you need to take exams which will test your analytical skills. Apart from reading books, you may have to take additional courses to do well in the exam.

Corporate sector

You can join the corporate sector and work to supervise compliances with laws, solve disputes, and negotiate contracts. You need to be knowledgeable about tax laws, corporate laws, company laws, bankruptcy, and other laws.


Internships allow you to get real-life experience. You will be assigned loads of works every day and you will learn new things. After graduating, you must apply to law firms for internship positions.

Law Firms

You can join law firms as young lawyers. If you have scored well in your LLB, then many law firms will be willing to recruit you even without any prior experience.

You should be honest and dedicated to your work all the time. After completing LLB, you will have lots of opportunities to grow your career as a lawyer or a judge.