How Lawyers Balance Motherhood

Being a lawyer and a mother isn’t easy. A lawyer needs to give a lot of dedicated time to the practice. On the other hand, motherhood also demands time. So, juggling between work and home isn’t easy for a lawyer.

When a case needs to be handled, you need to stay in constant touch with the client. The communication can even go on beyond work hours. You may need to spend sleepless nights thinking about the case.

When you have a baby at home, you also need to attend to the various needs of the baby. For example, dealing with 8 month old sleep regression can be a challenge. During this time, the baby finds it difficult to sleep and you might also experience sleep deprivation.

Many offices provide flexible working hours for the mothers. This allows them to work from home and also work during specific hours. You must make the clients understand that you have a baby at home.

Some offices allow lawyers to bring the children to work. This lets the mother concentrate more on work and feel relaxed as the baby is right beside her. So, her productivity increases. More law firms should have such facilities so that mothers don’t have to quit their practice to take care of their babies.

The law firms can also offer babysitting services so that the mothers can work comfortably. As daycare can be expensive, in-office babysitting services will encourage most mothers to stay at work.

A lawyer must constantly be in touch with books and keep practicing and giving time to the clients. So, it is a challenge to maintain a work-life balance. However, with somesupport from the law firm you are working with, you will be able to overcome this difficulty.

ABCs of Motherhood

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